About Chesapeake CRAFT

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Welcome to Chesapeake CRAFT! Modeled after other CRAFT programs around the country, the Chesapeake Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training is an exciting way to learn about different approaches to farming during the season while visting farms and connecting with new farming peers.

Founded in 2010 by a few local farmers, Chesapeake CRAFT brings together the community of new and aspiring farmers in Northern Virginia and Maryland for farm tours and potlucks throughout the growing season. These simple gatherings are fun, informative, and build networks amongst the farming community.

How it works:

Chesapeake CRAFT events will take place on Mondays throughout the growing season, April- October. CRAFT  farm tours commence at 3:30pm, followed by a potluck dinner. Please bring a dish to share!

We also host an annual Summer Solstice Conference, a full-day of sessions geared towards farm workers, interns and apprentices.

For 2017, there is no fee to join Chesapeake CRAFT!


Questions? Contact craftchesapeake@gmail.com


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