Summer Solstice Conference Tentative Agenda


10:00am- Welcome to CRAFT SUMMER SOLSTICE. Introductions and Shop-Keeping

10:15am- Workshop Session I

a)      A Behind the Scenes Look at the Seed Industry- Shep Ogden

b)      Full Spectrum CSA (With Emphasis on Small Scale Dairy)- Rob Moutoux

c)       Raw Foods- Simple, Quick Recipes to Maximize Your Vitality Through the Day- Katie

11:15-11:30- BREAK

11:30-12:45- Workshop Session II

a)      Resources and Inspiration for Beginning Farmers- Alice Chalmers, Chip and Susan Planck, New Farmers (TBD)

b)      Understanding Chickens and Eggs- a Close-up View- Elise and Claudette

c)       How We Amend Our Soils and Plants for Productivity- Susan Planck, Rob Moutoux, Mike Snow

d)      Anybody Sore? Practical Yoga for Farmers- Anna Whalen (Bring a Yoga Mat and Small Towel if You Can!)

1:00-2:00- LUNCH

2:00-3:00- Workshop Session III

a)      Thinking about Leasing or Buying Land? Let’s talk strategy. Chip Planck, Rachel Bynum, Eric Plaksin.

b)      The Salatin-style Pastured Eggs and Poultry Thing. My Experience. Jesse Straight. To Be Confirmed Sunday.

c)       Compost, PVF Style. Farmer Ellen.

d)      Pizza Making Anyone? Sophie Mendelsohn.

3:15-3:30- BREAK

3:30-4:30- Workshop Session IV

a)      Yoga for Sore Farmers II- Anna Whalen.

b)      Effective Management of Youth and Volunteers on the Farm- Kara Desmond

c)       Basic Edible and Medicinal Weeds- Tess

d)      Farm Tour One (da veggies)- Attila

4:30-4:45- BREAK

4:45-6:00- Workshop Session V

a)      Food Justice Roundtable Discussion- Led by Tess and Peter

b)      Basic Pickle Making- Casey G.

c)       Farm Tour Two (the animals). Shawna Dewitt.

d)      Looking at Trees from a Sustainable Foresty Perspective- A Walk in the Woods with Mitch G.

6:00-7:30- Potluck Dinner & Wrap


If you have paid your CRAFT fee for the year, you are covered! If not, you can either pay for the year, or if you just plan to come to this one event it is $20/person. Email with questions and to let us know you are coming!